PControl with MatLab on Ubuntu

Here are some basic tips to get the Reiser / Dickinson led panels working under Matlab.

A. I have not yet tried to program to address the panels in Ubuntu, though it is supposedly possible. If you have tried and succeeded, please let me know!

B. Getting PControl to work using Matlab and Ubuntu:

1. Add a rule for the controller device. You can download my rule here:https://github.com/florisvb/pcontrol_reiser_panels_ubuntu. Place the rule in /etc/udev/rules.d, and restart your computer. The rule adds a symbolic link, connecting /dev/ttyS101 to the controller’s USB/Serial device. Make sure your user is a member of the group “plugdev”, which it should be by default (type “groups” into the command line and you should see plugdev listed, if not add your use to that group).

Note to rule-writers: the “S” after SUBSYSTEM is critical for this device.

2. Modify the init_serial.m code in Reiser’s panels codebase (panels/Matlab Codes/controll/init_serial.m) so that the two places where it says “COM” are changed to “/dev/ttyS”. When prompted to enter the serial port number, use 101 (which matches the symbolic link created above).

3. Change the “Matlab Codes” directory to “Matlab_Codes”, otherwise you will suffer from directory name issues.

4. Turn off the controller and the LED panel array, turn on the panel array, and then turn on the controller.

5. Start up matlab, and run PControl, you should now have a valid connection.